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Gymea Lily ~ Flower of the Day

Lots of you have asked, yes it is ok to share these Postcards!
So today I've drawn Gymea Lily from my Australian Wildflower Reading Cards. What a proud, interesting flower. The largest Lily in the world, this majestic flower sits upon a 6 metre spike. A crowning glory of brilliant crimson flowers usually about 10cm wide.

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The plants has contractile roots, which means it can pull the plant into the ground during intense heat so that it may survive. Good lesson in there.
Mental strength and being carefully aware of your surroundings will assist you today. Don't let the external stop or hinder you but make sure you are also aware of what is going on it's effect on you and others.

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to Nature!
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn xx

PS, lots of questions too about my artwork. All the artwork for my decks and books is created by me. My current two card decks feature hand painted linoprints and the sketches you sometimes also see me share in these Flower of the Day postcards are from a book I am working on or my Nature Journal.