Flower of the Day ~ Pyramidal Orchid

Flower of the Day
Every time I look at this artwork and all the sketches and notes I created while learning the language of this flower I find myself really warmed by the Flower Wisdom that not only this Flower, but all whisper to the world.

Webcards pyramidal orchid

This actual artwork has interestingly gone on to be integral in leading me on another long~term project of research and discovery. It's not about Stonehenge and it's not even about England but it did ask a question, a visual one, which began another, almost Indianna Jones style, trek through the Language of Flowers and Plants Botany for me.
So I see this card today and smile and remember that my actions, my word, my thoughts, are all connected and that one must work with honour and unity within facts and truth, in order to do good work, to live a good life.

May Nature always bless you and
may you always be a Blessing to Nature,
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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