Leonine Dawson Shining Business Academy Retreat Canberra 2016
Tree Spider Orchid ~ Flower of Day

Begonia Flower Magick & Healing

Big Day Today!!!
Stage 2 of My Night Garden.

A little Day of the Dead/ shadow work on the path. Can't believe how far we have come.


The Meanings of Begonia tuberous -
you are using power beyond your capabilities, beware, shadow work, caution, healing matters of passion and the heart, soul retrieval work.

(Not really for the faint hearted) there are superstitions surrounding this flower which are connected with its meaning.

It is considered bad luck to give them to someone or to have them. This is connected with a failure to understand the power of the plant. It also will not favour those who work under false pretences, especially with nature.

I find it's a fantastic flower to align with when working with your life passion. Xx