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Leonine Dawson Shining Business Academy Retreat Canberra 2016

The Flower Bar!!!! Canberra

After a lovely morning exploring again the wonderful National Botanic Gardens on one of my regular visits to Canberra,
I visited The Floral Society 'Flower Bar' in Kingston. 


I'm here to attend a Business retreat with the inspiring Leonie Dawson this time but I always make extra time to on any visit to catch up with my oldest dearest friend Jan as well researching at all the resource rich institutions around our Capital. 

I adore the concept of The Flower Bar! 
A gorgeous fresh and inviting space where you can sit and select your flowers and foliage and design while their lovely florists build your bouquet before you. 

A flying visit today as I have a lot still to do, heading back in on Monday after the retreat as I would love love love to see more.  




Earlier this morning, enjoying a little refreshing cool green shade at the National Botanic Garden,
it's very hot in Canberra today! ~ 


Bunches of Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx