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February 2016

The Flower Bar!!!! Canberra

After a lovely morning exploring again the wonderful National Botanic Gardens on one of my regular visits to Canberra,
I visited The Floral Society 'Flower Bar' in Kingston. 


I'm here to attend a Business retreat with the inspiring Leonie Dawson this time but I always make extra time to on any visit to catch up with my oldest dearest friend Jan as well researching at all the resource rich institutions around our Capital. 

I adore the concept of The Flower Bar! 
A gorgeous fresh and inviting space where you can sit and select your flowers and foliage and design while their lovely florists build your bouquet before you. 

A flying visit today as I have a lot still to do, heading back in on Monday after the retreat as I would love love love to see more.  




Earlier this morning, enjoying a little refreshing cool green shade at the National Botanic Garden,
it's very hot in Canberra today! ~ 


Bunches of Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx 

Flower Healing with Oracle Cards & Images

Have you ever wondered how to connect with the healing energies of flowers and all Plants through imagery
(oracle cards, artworks and photographs?)
A little free tutorial ~


How do you use Flower Cards for healing?
In this video I share a short tutorial which is a small overview of a section I share in my courses and workshops.
For more information about my work and to explore other Flower & Plant Healing, Guidance and Inspiration ~

featured Decks are the bestselling ~
'Australian Wildflower Reading Cards'
'Flower Reading Cards'
are researched, written and illustrated by Cheralyn Darcey
published by Rockpool Publishing:
(contact for wholesale information)
available internationally at all good book, gift, department, florist and garden stores.

May Nature always bless you!
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ King Protea

A Healing Flower for you all tonight.

WEB cards King Protea

King Protea heals that which feels damaged in our creative hearts.
When we are suffering because we feel misunderstood or we have gone down the wrong path or made a decision about our work, our vision that is not working out as well as we had hoped. King Protea supports us by sharing with us the strength and courage needed.
May the Flowers always Bless you my friend,
Cheralyn xx

information for educational purposes only. 


as my new deck is nearing completion ...

Almost brushes down as I near completion of my next Flora inspired Reading Card Oracle Deck.


Something a bit different and very exciting. A slight change in mediums and style very fitting to the concept and subject. 

Time to think, listen and find what may be needed to balance this precious nature deck.

The research done, the writing well and truly begun and now to weave together the magick, the science, the knowledge and the intuition to create another strong and true oracle deck of Plant Magick.

Cheralyn X