Fountain Pens & Writing New Chapters

Years ago I used Fountain Pens because I loved them.
The sound of the gentle scratching on papers, the way the ink flowed once you had had gotten the feel of each pen and knew the way to move to ensure a beautiful flow. The splatters, the skips, they too were things I even enjoyed with delight!
I not only wrote with them, I sketched with them as well.
Then... someone I loved told me I was a "pretentious bitch" for using them.
I stopped using them. I lost them...
I eventually lost my beautiful favourite French Fountain Pen.


2016, I declare to be ~
The year of the Fountain Pen
and I shall have my beautiful French Fountain Pen once more.
Maybe others would never of let this happen. Maybe.
Perhaps I was not so strong or brave or brilliant or independent as others.
I'm just me, imperfect me, a growing me and maybe it's taken me a little longer to reclaim that which is me. I'm ok with it.

Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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