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When I read a book or use a tool or partake in an experience,
I'm looking for 'true'.

Flora true

True isn't perfection, it isn't the most authoritative either or the most popular.
True is work with a foundation based on passion, not opportunity.
True is mistakes with ownership and willing to do better.
True is transparency and safe discussion.
True is listening.

HINT: If you make things from personal experience: books, art, retreats, courses, jewellery, furniture, clothes, anything in fact,
you will find your 'TRUE'

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Rosemary (Rosmarinus officials) MEMORY

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Rosemary (Rosmarinus officials) MEMORY

WEB CARDS Rosemary 4

*if you click on the image, you will go to a full sized version which you ca download, print out or even share online.

I wear a silver heart shaped locket in which I keep various herbs and flowers and if you have ever sat with me in person, in a presentation, you will notice I often smell it. :) Well thats because I fill it with fresh Rosemary and I inhale it to clear my mind and to give me the added mental strength to teach.
It is a type of mental gymnastic to teach others. One must be very aware of the various skill and interest levels within a group of people and of their needs and abilities. Teaching isn't about simply standing up and dropping down what you know in front of everyone, it's interacting and sharing, listening and thinking! A teacher is always thinking.
I find Rosemary my best friend for this because it strengthens the mind, clears it from rubble, protects and it also assists one to remember! Though I can share in an instant myths, stories, folk~law and botanical history very well on most plants, sometimes I do forget names, dates and places. I'm human!
I'm also studying right now (business topics!) and again, Rosemary, assists me to stay on track, remember what I need to as I go along and to stay mentally strong.
To give someone Rosemary is to say, "I remember" to plant it around your home, the same. I would most definitely be planting it in Vegetable gardens to offer protection, to assist you in learning from nature and to connect your love with place and action.
Rosemary has been used in love potions because of the association with the Goddess Venus as it is said she arose from the sea draped in Rosemary. I feel that there is perhaps much to learn here as to hold one in your memory fondly is to love. I often this of Venus and the beginning of love, we forget how it was and the essence of what began our love. It's a moment that brings clarity when we lose our way in love. In many cultures through history, brides held rosemary in their bouquets for it was said this would ensure the couple would remember their vows, their beginning of a binding of love.
I personally find Rosemary assists in helping one find clarity in their romantic lives. A flower and plant connected with love and mental clarity as well as memory really has a wonderful combination all on it's own to work with don't you think?
I'm back to my studies. With my Rosemary.
Wishing you everything you need, you find with respect in Nature!
Cheralyn xx

Casa Darcey Video Update!

A full video update on what Casa Darcey looks like this month. It's been such a challenge renovating DIY style 
and still working on publishing contracts for next year I have to say but so so worth it! 

House december video

I am lucky that I have my Studio defined within the space and I keep funny hours so that I can continue working 
and renovating at the same time. 

Mr Darcey doesn't garden but helps me out as the extra pair of hands when it comes to real heavy stuff
and I actually don't do the painting as it's something he really enjoys. 

So come walk through the gardens and house this week ~ 


Lettuce & Lavender Facial Cleanser ~ Lettuce Cleanser Update

So last week I shared my recipe for my Lettuce Facial Cleanser that I planned to use with my bolted lettuce. 
We had a few over 40 degree days in a row and my Cos just didn't handle it well at all. It bolted! 

Well today I bottled a bit of tweak on that recipe and added some of my home grown lavender as well. 
Found some really lovely simple green glass bottles too! 
Special gifts for lovely people. 

Facial ckeanser bottle

The Language of Flowers
Lettuce ~ Calm
Lavender ~ Cleansing

May nature always provide & bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 

Flower of the Day ~ Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) Calm

I've never met a person who doesn't look relaxed while telling me they 'love' Flannel Flowers. Why is that?

WEB Postcard Flannel Flower

FLOWER SECRET ~ if you click on this image... you will go to a full sized postcard which you can download, keep and even share!

These soft, though incredibly strong little flowers say: calm down, don't worry, I offer comfort and peace but they say it in the way of perhaps that older strong female relative. You know the one. ;) She hugs you, comforts you but she encourages you al the same to move through this right now. You will do this. There will be a new beginning and you are going to in it.
To give Flannel Flowers to another is also to acknowledge that the other person is hurt, frightened or unsure but you are standing with them.
To have them around your home or space brings people closer together, assists with ensuring true intimacy and with that of course honesty of feelings.
They are becoming a favourite again in Weddings and I can see why. They offer a calmness, clarity of feelings, soft healing of emotional issues and they assist new beginnings and as I'm mentioned intimacy. I don't think a second wedding should be without them!
Flannel Flower Essence is used to help people find calm and also intimacy with others. It is very good when used in situations of emotions conflicts.

May Nature Always Bless YOU!
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Sacred Blue Lily (Nymphaea cerulean) REBIRTH

Sacred Blue Lily (Nymphaea cerulean)

WEB Sacred Blue Lily
FLOWER SECRET ~ if you click on this image... you will go to a full sized postcard which you can download, keep and even share! 

I loved drawing this card today, what an affirmation, as I really felt let down over a few things in my life the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I did the whole 'crumble down' thing (as you do!) and today, before I drew this card, I had awoken with the whole Scarlette O'Hara kick butt reboot attitude!!
Then my friend Sacred Blue Lily said hello and 'yes you are right, so let's do this thing!!!!!' and I knew what I was on the right track.
I love the story of this flower because most think that the Sacred Blue Lily is firstly a loss. No, she's a Lily and secondly, she does not return to the mud each night after blooming in the dawn. Due to tides, she does retract a little but she does not return to the mud.
That's an assumption. (Great Flower lesson there!)
Don't forget the whole plant holds the energy and meaning of the Flower. The plant is Sacred Blue Lily and to not see the flower is a whole meaning unto itself as well. Why do you need to see the flower to act? I often share this about any flower.
Back to Sacred Blue Lily, those leaves are so broad and so strong looking but you need to tread carefully if you are in fact to be near the flower of rebirth and second chances.
Hope there is a little Flower Wisdom in this for you today as well ~
Nature Blessings,
Cheralyn xx