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Flower of the Day ~ Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) Calm

Flower of the Day ~ Sacred Blue Lily (Nymphaea cerulean) REBIRTH

Sacred Blue Lily (Nymphaea cerulean)

WEB Sacred Blue Lily
FLOWER SECRET ~ if you click on this image... you will go to a full sized postcard which you can download, keep and even share! 

I loved drawing this card today, what an affirmation, as I really felt let down over a few things in my life the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I did the whole 'crumble down' thing (as you do!) and today, before I drew this card, I had awoken with the whole Scarlette O'Hara kick butt reboot attitude!!
Then my friend Sacred Blue Lily said hello and 'yes you are right, so let's do this thing!!!!!' and I knew what I was on the right track.
I love the story of this flower because most think that the Sacred Blue Lily is firstly a loss. No, she's a Lily and secondly, she does not return to the mud each night after blooming in the dawn. Due to tides, she does retract a little but she does not return to the mud.
That's an assumption. (Great Flower lesson there!)
Don't forget the whole plant holds the energy and meaning of the Flower. The plant is Sacred Blue Lily and to not see the flower is a whole meaning unto itself as well. Why do you need to see the flower to act? I often share this about any flower.
Back to Sacred Blue Lily, those leaves are so broad and so strong looking but you need to tread carefully if you are in fact to be near the flower of rebirth and second chances.
Hope there is a little Flower Wisdom in this for you today as well ~
Nature Blessings,
Cheralyn xx