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FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Rosemary (Rosmarinus officials) MEMORY

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Rosemary (Rosmarinus officials) MEMORY

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I wear a silver heart shaped locket in which I keep various herbs and flowers and if you have ever sat with me in person, in a presentation, you will notice I often smell it. :) Well thats because I fill it with fresh Rosemary and I inhale it to clear my mind and to give me the added mental strength to teach.
It is a type of mental gymnastic to teach others. One must be very aware of the various skill and interest levels within a group of people and of their needs and abilities. Teaching isn't about simply standing up and dropping down what you know in front of everyone, it's interacting and sharing, listening and thinking! A teacher is always thinking.
I find Rosemary my best friend for this because it strengthens the mind, clears it from rubble, protects and it also assists one to remember! Though I can share in an instant myths, stories, folk~law and botanical history very well on most plants, sometimes I do forget names, dates and places. I'm human!
I'm also studying right now (business topics!) and again, Rosemary, assists me to stay on track, remember what I need to as I go along and to stay mentally strong.
To give someone Rosemary is to say, "I remember" to plant it around your home, the same. I would most definitely be planting it in Vegetable gardens to offer protection, to assist you in learning from nature and to connect your love with place and action.
Rosemary has been used in love potions because of the association with the Goddess Venus as it is said she arose from the sea draped in Rosemary. I feel that there is perhaps much to learn here as to hold one in your memory fondly is to love. I often this of Venus and the beginning of love, we forget how it was and the essence of what began our love. It's a moment that brings clarity when we lose our way in love. In many cultures through history, brides held rosemary in their bouquets for it was said this would ensure the couple would remember their vows, their beginning of a binding of love.
I personally find Rosemary assists in helping one find clarity in their romantic lives. A flower and plant connected with love and mental clarity as well as memory really has a wonderful combination all on it's own to work with don't you think?
I'm back to my studies. With my Rosemary.
Wishing you everything you need, you find with respect in Nature!
Cheralyn xx