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Flower of the Day ~ Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) Calm

I've never met a person who doesn't look relaxed while telling me they 'love' Flannel Flowers. Why is that?

WEB Postcard Flannel Flower

FLOWER SECRET ~ if you click on this image... you will go to a full sized postcard which you can download, keep and even share!

These soft, though incredibly strong little flowers say: calm down, don't worry, I offer comfort and peace but they say it in the way of perhaps that older strong female relative. You know the one. ;) She hugs you, comforts you but she encourages you al the same to move through this right now. You will do this. There will be a new beginning and you are going to in it.
To give Flannel Flowers to another is also to acknowledge that the other person is hurt, frightened or unsure but you are standing with them.
To have them around your home or space brings people closer together, assists with ensuring true intimacy and with that of course honesty of feelings.
They are becoming a favourite again in Weddings and I can see why. They offer a calmness, clarity of feelings, soft healing of emotional issues and they assist new beginnings and as I'm mentioned intimacy. I don't think a second wedding should be without them!
Flannel Flower Essence is used to help people find calm and also intimacy with others. It is very good when used in situations of emotions conflicts.

May Nature Always Bless YOU!
Cheralyn xx