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Garden Oracle

Why ~ yes!!!!!
I've been working on a 'Garden Oracle' for a very long time already. A few messages and comments in groups today asking this question.

My Veggie Garden Today
My Veggie Garden Today

It's still going to take probably another year or two until I have all the research and have finished writing it as it will be a lot bigger in a lot of ways than my other works... but, you have already seen the style of artwork, many many times scattered through my posts and social media. ;) 
To connect with Earth Magick, you should grow something! You should grow everything!! 
There is no way I could of researched and written all my work or created the art that goes with it unless I'd spent a lifetime gardening. No matter where I have found myself, I have grown plants and the rewards are immense. Being with the earth, working with it, every day, that is where the magick starts. You have to do it yourself. So a dedicated Garden Oracle is only natural and it's something that I have been very immersed in for a very very long time. 

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Thanks for the 'suggestions' and interest in my work. xx