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August 2015

Gardening Enlightenment at the end of a Mattock

Here's me, mattock in hand, cutting into 30 plus years, of twisted lily, ginger types and elephant ears, ferns, palms whatever that people loved in the 1980's to fill spaces in their garden. Throw 'em in, forget about them. For good measure, lay down the equivalent of 50 years worth of garbage bags in plastic black weed mat and cover with red bark chips. All under the shade of your 11 gum trees planted a foot apart, down the fence line. 

Flora grew

I complain as the sweat flies off my brow with each *clunk* in the hard depleted starving earth that people are crazy, why don't they care and how could they do this. I begin to think as I get into my rhythm of slashing with the mattock, ripping up black plastic, raking out decades of dried leaves, that I am incredibly fortunate to have the time to do this. 

Garden 11

I am an author, illustrator and artist and I work rather hard and long hours at times but I work from home. Our children have left home and my husband has retired early. I have the time to do this. I get up, no lunches to pack, no school run to make now, no part time job to dash to and no all nighters to write and create art. I have the time to garden. 

Gardenia snap

The things I'm complaining about are the time savers of yesterday. They are the zero maintenance products and the cheap carefree plants from yesterday used by with those with young families and full time jobs with no leisure time for gardening. 

I hear you cry, "But gardening is good for the soul, you should make time!"
You should and I think these days, in fact I know these days, people do more readily but it wasn't always so. Now as I rip out the plastic and I thin back the elephant ears I am grateful for someone not subdividing my piece of paradise, which is usual for this area. I am thankful that I have a large garden, the time to give her new life and I smile at the old wood chips, the black shale fillers and I think, "Whoever you where I hope now you have a home somewhere and you finally have time to garden too." 

May Nature always bless you and may you in turn always be a Blessing to Nature! 
Cheralyn xx