Listen to your Dreamsong but be prepared to find new ways to Sing It!
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Grey Spider Flower

Good Morning! Some Flower Love for you! ~ 

I'm sharing my personal Floramancy card reading for the day
as I am sure it may resonate with some of you as well. 

This fascinating little flower is named well as there is no doubt that there are more than a few of us who have jumped back on a bush track when our hand has touched or we have glanced the Grey Spider Flower. Looking for all the world like a furry grey spider jumping out of a plant, they delight as much as they startle. 

Floramancy card meanings grey spider flower

The meaning therefore is rather 'easy' in the Language of Nature to meditate on. Things are not what they may seem. If you are brave and get over the initial doubt, you may in fact be rewarded or be encouraged to move forward. A challenge is deception because we can see now how easy is it for a real spider to hide amongst these beautiful flowers after all! 

Look to your situation when reading plants and flowers. There are many layers to the meanings and you know best what needs to be worked with. In a general sense, Grey Spider Flower simply means Trust and issues surrounding Trust. 

Personally, I seem to find this plant growing near Flannel Flowers and here is another interesting exercise you might do, take note of these relationships and what you see around you. Naturally similar plants will share similar environments but it is fascinating to see what is calling you to notice. 
Can you grow Grey Spider Flower? Well yes you probably can, ask your local Garden Centre, they are the experts for your area. It's a lovely Grevilliea and in Australia, becoming a popular garden plant. The best thing about Grey Spider Flower is that although we may find it's appearance a tad scary, butterflies & native bees love it! 

They flower from mid winter through to mid summer, so you should be seeing the first flowering in the wild in Australia from the Mid North through to Mid South East Coast right about now. Word of warning, as with all Grevilleas, some people may be sensitive to the leaves so be careful when handling and in selection of gardening beds. 


May nature always bless you and may you in turn be a blessing to nature ~ 
Cheralyn xx