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Flora Colouring In ~ 'Sydney Harbourside Flower Sketching'

Geraldton Wax ~ Floramancy

Good Morning! 

Shuffling through my deck this morning and this is what I've selected as the card of the day ~ GERALDTON WAX (Chamelaucium uncinatum) I hope you may find some light and insight there for you as well. 

Floramancy card meanings geraldton wax

This rather pretty little flower surprises most with it's waxy toughness on closer inspection. Very much a message of healing for those of us who are perhaps sometimes told we are over sensitive. It assures us that it is ok to be that way, to look that way and that it has nothing to do with what we actually are. 
It is time to speak up and set boundaries, be independent in thought and action and look within for where our path may take us next and be very careful to not be lead by people and energies which are not in our own best interest. 

Working with others is indicated but with like~minded and like~hearted honest people who are able to let all grow and shine equally. 
Be very careful also of those, (yourself included!) who are using aggression and calling it strength. 
All in all, a time to continue or finish what you have begun, to set the wheels in motion again for that which you know you must do. 

Remember, you can grow Geraldton Wax easily, especially in Australia and the plant holds the same energies always as the flower. Subtle additional meaning will come and go with the seasons but the plant still holds it's Nature Language. 
It is originally a native of Western Australia but has become widespread because of it's extremely hardy nature and our love of it as a garden favourite. it flowers now, in Winter right through until early summer. The leaves hold a beautiful earth aroma and the tiny flowers of 15 to 25mm in width are usually white, pink or mauve. 

May Nature always bless you & may you be a blessing to Nature! 
Cheralyn xx