Flora Colouring In ~ 'Sydney Harbourside Flower Sketching'

Hello Colouring~In friends!!

I have been asked if I have any colouring in of me to share, well yes I do.

Here is one of me a few weeks ago sketching some Red Waratahs, Orange Banksias and Creamy White Flannel Flowers.

Flora Sydney colour in one

*click on this image to be taken to a full sized sheet for you to download 
Now these sheets of me are for personal use only and you can share them online but you must keep Cheralyn's name on them (it's in tiny grey text on the bottom) so people know who created them. 

I think Flannel Flowers are the same colour as the Opera House!
Anyway have fun colouring friends! Actually I can't wait to see how you colour me in SO~
If you want to share your finished Colour In, go to my Facebook profile and add it to my wall: https://www.facebook.com/MsFloraFlower

Flora headLove, Flora Flower 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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