Tea Tree ~ attainment

Working very hard today but feeling a bit lost as something very dear to me is finding a difficult time finding it's place in the world. Focusing on what I must do to make it happen and looking for the 'way' to do it. I am not one to ask favours or support so I push forward.

Sometimes I look at this creation that is so entwined with everything I hold true and think: why do so many people embrace it and yet I can not find a place for it? 

Today I wish for the answers, for a bit of illumination to come through on this path of difficult trials and for those of you who are feeling the same right now, of course I wish it for you as well.
So a little Tea Tree magic for us my friends ~ 

Floramancy card meanings tea tree

May you always be a blessing to Nature, 

Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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May 5
May you always be a blessing to Nature and may she bless you in return my friends xx
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