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She was always willing to learn...

Hello friends! 
Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. My Florasphere message this week comes from my experiences this month. Maybe it touches on something for a few of you also....
This past month, I have found myself defeated and blocked by slow processes and in these moments I have at times fallen and felt like giving up entirely on certain things. Things I really thought held true for me and that I could do. 

Florasphere learn

Out of these times, these moments, I have learned something. I have been willing to explore and I have been willing to say, "This isn't for me, but I have learned something of value from the experience", even if the only thing I can take away is that I now know what I simply can not do or continue with or wish to connect with. 
Also, admitting that you need to learn more, that you are not the end source of all that you aspire to be goes a very long way to ensuring personal happiness and lays a foundation of strength to build upon. 
I try not to be dismissive of things I have not had success with in the past. I try to be open and to give things another attempt. Most of all, I am willing to learn. 

May Nature always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx