She learned to let go...

Rainy Weekend ~ Walks, Writing & Illustrating

Leaves, Boots and Warm Dresses.
Loving today immensely. No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices when out in Nature! 

BootsA walk in a nearby park to refresh the senses and think

I am in the final stages of a book I am writing that is being published soon. It's something I'm really excited about but I have to be honest, the work involved has been incredibly time consuming and requires meticulous attention to detail.  Weekends like one we have just had, did provide a sense of closing in and in a way, a space to just be with the work and focus. 

Rainy Sunday, writing, drawing, creating... Bringing my next book to completion. Those effected by Nature's wild power right now, I wish you safety and strength.

Some desert flowers reminding me of the heat, warmth, brighter light and of other similar 
energies I am writing about and illustrating. I can't just write out of nowhere or thin air, I need to be either at the place or have some remembrance of place and of what I am writing and illustrating with me. 

I need to draw a lot of simple line work sketches to illustrate this book that I am writing and it feels so pure, so  strong to just be with black lines on white paper. No tricks of colour and light, no place to hid anything. There is such an honesty in this work and time, that I really am finding so much in me that I never realised existed on beginning this project so long ago. 
Primer flannel flowerMay Nature always bless you
and may YOU always be a blessing to Nature! 
Cheralyn xx