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MBS Sydney this week!

We all can't have huge Garden but we certainly can have a Magical, Healing Nature Infused Space. Whether you rent or own, a house or an apartment, I'll show you how you can encourage a beautiful, helpful Nature connection right where you are. No need to wait for the perfect place or time. 


I am presenting 'Urban Garden Magic ~ Healing & Guidance with Nature'. a free 45 min presentation at 11:30am next Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia and your personal flower & plant connection & ways to future your relationship with Nature through it. It one of the topics we will be exploring together. I hope you can join me! 

More details about the festival, my presentation and all the wonderful other workshops & events, can be found at this link:

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to nature! 
Cheralyn Darcey xx