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Go to Canberra in Winter?! 
Not only does my oldest and one of my dearest friends live there but Canberra in winter is just gorgeous! Sunny, brilliant pure blue skies, rust leaves, glass flat lake, quiet bike and hiking trails, toasty fires and the ever present national institutions which are my friends in research. 

Last week, I spent 4 days in Canberra, riding Petal my bike through the forests and around the Lake with Mr Darcey. I did do the 'whole' circuit.... 24km in one session (have sore bum to prove it!) 
I'm getting better at the longer bike rides and loving them. 

Can 2
Stopping off along our way at various gardens and spots gave way for research, sketching, photography and just time to think. I have a deck and a book I am working on at present and places like these, available to us all, make such work so much more accessible. I'm such a 'fan' of Canberra for this. I have been lucky enough to travel and to live internationally but I can't always. Time, family and let's face it, money prevent me from throwing pens at maps. Most capital cities have libraries, gardens and intuitions, stores and resources you can access. Be a tourist, be an adventurer, a researcher in your own home. I bet you will surprised at what you find. 

Can 4
WHY, thats a lovely installation at the National Art Gallery!
"Man Off Bike wanting Launch BEFORE Gallery visit" 2015

Can 5
We stay with my friend Jan when we visit Canberra, apart from her being an very dear friend and great company, she lives in Kingston and it's accessible to everything! Taking our bikes, it's so easy to get to the Gallery, Library and more. Rug up though, sunny but chilly chilly! ( I have TWO scarves on in this shot!)

Can 7
I love the crispness and freshness of Winter in Canberra. The light is so bright and the air so clean. 

Of course this trip we picked up our beautiful fountain by Annie Storey.
This remarkable Artist creates sculptures and fountain sculptures from recycled metals. She uses old hot water heaters plumbing pipes and more. So inspiring!
I was so taken with her work and her, on a trip last October and Mr Darcey and I have been planning to make one of her creations a focal point for our new home. I can't wait for our move next month and to have this treasure in her place in our garden... 

Can 6

Can 8
See you next time Canberra & thank you! xx