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Magical Studio Spaces

I have a dislike of working indoors when I'm Writing and Creating Art so as the rains have come in and the air has chilled, I find myself under my 'tent' most days into evenings.


No excuse not to finish the next Reading Deck and my book at all!
We have only been in this house two years and are looking forward to our move North soon to our home but I have found new ways to create space, to find that peace and centre in a busy world. 
It will so different to have abundant space, the peace and nature all closer to us but I've been blessed to create this little nook all the same and for that, I'm grateful. 

Moving North! I have a dedicated studio space in our home which I'm going to transform into my studio 
BEFORE  :)   ~ 

Those windows are being opened out and will become doors to a long veranda and I have a large front garden. Complete bliss and I've waited a lifetime for it. Looking at skylights at the moment as I really want the space to feel opened up, connected with outside and filled with
whatever nature brings each day. 

For over 30 years now, I have had 'studios' on kitchen tables, under stairs, in boat sheds, on coffee tables, oh and in studios! The art and the creativity really are not improved with where you create, it's the attitude and energy you bring into the space you have that makes the difference.
I've never once waited for the perfect space or time to make art or to write,
I've created both and usually out of nothing. 

Like home, studios are where YOU are.
Without you, it's just a room, a space no matter how wonderful or purpose built it may be.