Hello USA!

Well it's no trickery, my Australian Wildflower Reading Cards​ are officially released today in the USA at selected stores and they have just received their first review as well on Amazon USA. I know that review copies and preorders have been out for a few days now and the feedback and questions and messages have been so very wonderful and heart warming!
You all ask the most interesting questions!! I love that you are really 'getting' what I do and sharing your experiences with me as well. So thank you.
Oh and a big hello all my new Facebook friends! 

Cards darcey 1

I awake to my first review on Amazon USA as well. 
Thank you so much Thomas Freese, I am so excited that you like them! 
I would LOVE to take you all into the Bush to discover our Wildflowers first hand and well, I hope in a small way I have. Just so happy to see someone discovering more and seeking out more of the wisdom of this part of Nature after sharing time with the Cards I created. 

you can read it here: 



USA & Canadian Distribution 
If you do own a business in  the USA or Canada and would like to stock the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards or you are trying to track down a bookseller, the distributor of my work is Trafalgar Square Publishing 

details are here: 

Trafalgar Square Publishing

Office: 814 N. Franklin St. Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: +312-337-0747, 1-800-888-4741 Fax: +312-337-1807
Website: www.ipgbook.com 
Orders: orders@ipgbook.com

For details of Distribution in other parts of the World:


May you always be Blessed with all you find in Nature and may YOU be a Blessing to Nature! 
Cheralyn xx 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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