E Cards & the Naming of Names!

I just like making these e~cards. 

Web card sturt's desert rose

I guess I like to see everything have a purpose, get it's 5 mins of starlight, be shared. 
Yes they have come around in various versions as I sort out what to call my work and me since being published. So you may of seen them before with different headings and different frames and fonts.
Oh I loved the name Florasphere but it now looks set to be the title of one of the books I'm writing. I'm told people can't relate to Floramancy as it's not very user friendly, but that in fact is what I do, I read the meanings of all Flora, not just Flowers, so it fits.

The images are sketches from my journals. I draw as I'm out in the field or deep in study and research and of course, like all artists, I sketch to assist me in the creation of larger artworks.

The home for these will be here: 
over at my main website and you are more than welcome to download and to share them online as long as you play nice and don't alter them or use them for any commercial purpose. (you business websites, social media is ok, again as long as they are shown exactly as you find them) 

WEB NEW cards bird of patadise

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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