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Cyclamen Meanings

Cyclamen ~
These are flowering now in Sydney and often are given to say goodbye. Many traditions involve the sharing of a potted Cyclamen to a person moving away or to assist them in getting over something troubling them. Placing one at your backdoor ensures that whatever was brought into your home unwanted will leave straight out the backdoor to not return. 

Cyclamen Sketch and Meaning Postcard: 
When I create artworks for my decks, I only create them for the deck. 
A deck to me is a tool, it is a complete creative and dedicated resource that must remain pure in this sense. It means a very involved and many faceted exploration with research, study, field trips, with art, with writing. I share these sketches, thoughts and articles from 'the road' along the way in the form of Facebook posts, Blogged articles and other social media updates, e~cards that I create from my sketches with keynote meanings for you, videos, mediations, blessings and so on and really they are very much a large part of the final card you find in the deck I create. I share it because I enjoy the conversation with Nature so much I want you to be a part of it as well. xx

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Cyclamen painting

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