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Anzac Day ~ Woolies, everyone, ETHICS PLEASE!

BE more considerate! 
I've noticed more than a few of these types of things of late. (VERY sadly in my own field as well). Anzac Day is not for sale or in the public domain for your personal use. It's not something you can hop on the bandwagon of and claim as your own. The day means as much to those currently serving as it does to all those who have served and the families of all and if you are coming to the table late, you better brush up on your ETHICS. 

Anzac Day is Anzac Day, it doesn't need a new image and should never be tied in with other products or used in any other way. There is a huge difference in support, sharing stories, assisting with articles which illuminate aspects of these things and distasteful practice. 

Each year I write a blog post or an article about various flowers and plants associated with the day and similar days because I think it's important to understand why we choose the plants we do and what they have meant to those past in order to preserve this information and to keep the traditions alive. I also do it much more from a place of personal connection. There are many people who do similar with their art and their experiences. 

Providing a service, information and support is very different than creating an entire product and linking it to your brand. 

Seems to come up each year, but this I think is one of the worst. 
Looking at the positive side of what you tried to do, ‪#‎Woolworths‬ you could of created a very amazing and valuable resource had you left off the horrible distasteful name of your project. What were you thinking?