Florasphere Free Flower Reading Friday ~ 13th March 2015
Flora ~ Nature Glitter is Best!

PAN ~ Festival of the Minds Sydney

Thank you so very much Festival of the Minds for inviting me to share a little more on reconnecting with Nature in my presentation today. You were one of the most lively and interesting bunch I've had the pleasure of talking with. 

Festival of the minds

Resources I mentioned today:

'The Botany of Desire' Michael Pollan book and video (youtube available) 
~ I don't agree with everything Mr Pollan believes but I do love his depth of historical research and sharing and aspects of his work. 

any old field guide you can get your hands on (Old Botany Books!!) 
I had: 'Wildflowers of New South Wales Vol 1' Florence Sullen with me today 

and MODERN (great for the current defined Wildflowers & Plants)
'Cronin's Key guide to Australian Wildflowers' Leonard Cronin 
'Cronin's Key guide to Australian Trees' Lenord Cronin 

and mentioned in conversation but I would like to extend to all of you particularly in the Sydney region: 
'D'harawal Climate & Natural Resources' France Bodkin 

AGAIN, thank you so much I am so sorry I couldn't stay for the day today. 
May Nature Always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 

PS: Now go to your local council and find what NATIVE LOCAL PLANTS they can share with you!