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Flora ~ Nature Glitter is Best!

Years ago someone else coined the term NATURE GLITTER after receiving a parcel from me. 
I have always filled parcels and greeting cards with dried botanicals and she said,
"thank you for the Nature Glitter" 
I love it and when I see the world, I do feel that same exuberance over plants.
They to me are the 'glitter' in my life, the shiny stars, the sparkle, the celebration and the joy. 

This week I wish you moments filled with Nature Glitter too! 

POSTCARD glitter

PAN ~ Festival of the Minds Sydney

Thank you so very much Festival of the Minds for inviting me to share a little more on reconnecting with Nature in my presentation today. You were one of the most lively and interesting bunch I've had the pleasure of talking with. 

Festival of the minds

Resources I mentioned today:

'The Botany of Desire' Michael Pollan book and video (youtube available) 
~ I don't agree with everything Mr Pollan believes but I do love his depth of historical research and sharing and aspects of his work. 

any old field guide you can get your hands on (Old Botany Books!!) 
I had: 'Wildflowers of New South Wales Vol 1' Florence Sullen with me today 

and MODERN (great for the current defined Wildflowers & Plants)
'Cronin's Key guide to Australian Wildflowers' Leonard Cronin 
'Cronin's Key guide to Australian Trees' Lenord Cronin 

and mentioned in conversation but I would like to extend to all of you particularly in the Sydney region: 
'D'harawal Climate & Natural Resources' France Bodkin 

AGAIN, thank you so much I am so sorry I couldn't stay for the day today. 
May Nature Always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 

PS: Now go to your local council and find what NATIVE LOCAL PLANTS they can share with you!

Florasphere Free Flower Reading Friday ~ 13th March 2015

Hi Cheralyn, I would like to ask if I am finally on the right track with getting my home and my health organised or do I still have some hurdles to get through? Thank you beautiful x 

AHHH Melissa! Now you wouldn't think it but two things are connected to this flower, Masculine energy and the fact that a lot of people do not like them. Why is that? Why dont they like this flower? Well it symbolises magick, illusions, the afterlife and some say the impossible. 
Your actual flower though is so phoenix~like to me, I'm not sure if you can see that and is rising on a very large almost sword so I'd be looking at a new beginning to something, BUT only if you get up, grab that sword and cut away what is holding you back. The challenge for everyone who has a strong connection with this flower in a reading is to not be fooled by illusions or decide. So extra extra intuitive seeing cap on my friend. 
A male guide is around you too when we see this flower is this position, its not a big message, just a nod that you will be fine. Rise up my friend 
May Nature always bless you! Love Cheralyn xx


Fr 2
 WOW! Well what is it within you that needs to come out right now? Something loved and nurtured so very much by you I would say. Going by what I would think is the type of flower, one of similar energies, its time to stand apart, alone, be brave and bring your own vision forward. Don't forget that there will be cycles to this and it won't be a straight line to what it is you seek. Embrace and learn as you go. 
The time is defiantly coming to action these things. 
Thank you Jacque and may Nature always Bless you! Love Cheralyn xx


Hello Cathie!  What is it that you need to honour in the spiritual right now? Is there a path that needs a little more exploring or work? Something not finished that needs to be revisited and completed? 
It's a time of learning, of connecting mind, body, spirit to what is going on in the everyday and learning, understanding and growing. 
Courses, reading books of insight, education, all these things are indicated right now for you. Next level opportunities, challenging yourself and also being aware of staying too safe and limiting your potential. 
May you blessed by all you find in Nature Cathie, 
Love Cheralyn xx


Fr 4

Hi Carla, your flower indicates Peace and resolution is coming soon to an issue.
If there have been challenges or there are some coming at any time in your future then think of this flower, use this image, to remind you of it's calming peaceful influence.
It really is a guide to you, this flower. The position, colour and way you have captured or chosen this image with the flower on an arch like that really does show your deeper connection with it over most. 
May nature always Bless you my friend. Love, Cheralyn xx

NIKI: Hi Cheralyn, my daughter took this photo last year. It aost doesn't look real and I always marvel at natures beauty. My question is: What can I do to improve my relationships in general? Thank you. You're a breathe of fresh air x

Fr 5

ANSWER:Good Morning Niki Kay.  
What a gorgeous sunny happy image you have shared and interestingly with a precious bee.

These flowers and the image as a whole, speak of having trust in positive steps and doing the work, getting on with things. Sometimes things can't be changed, sometimes you can never know the whole truth or everything you want to know, or have that reassurance that you seek. 
I also feel there is a need to separate 'issues' or even people. You need to trust and believe in yourself and follow through with positive action, repeat, keep going. If it won't work then it won't and trust that it is for the best. 
You might not be able to improve what is here now but you will certainly change things for the future. 
You have shared these flowers with a bee, which means that you need to do a bit of work yourself and probably on yourself but also build strong, set boundaries and again, trust in the bigger picture. 
The flowers do also speak of a movement towards happier brighter times on the whole. 
Thank you for sharing Niki Kay and may nature always bless you! Love Cheralyn xx




Claire! Hello, well this is such a fascinating plant friend isn't it? The overall energy is that of security and of being careful right now. You perhaps need to look at areas of your life where you may of been a little lacking in attention to details and have let your guard down. 
It is also a warning to be more protective right now. 
On the more positive side, actually the really positive side, it indicates something you may not be aware of of that will bring you a great deal of success. This could be a talent, a business opportunity, even a change in circumstance surrounding health or relationships that you haven't thought of or found yet. The energy is certainly around if you are drawn to this image. 
Thank you Claire and may nature always Bless you! xx

as they are answered on the Facebook Page.

Flower Fridays

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King Protea (Protea cynaroides) CREATIVE ENERGY

REQUESTS! ~ King Protea (Protea cynaroides) 

FLOWER protea web
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Flower Reading Meaning ~ CREATIVE ENERGY
new possibilities, a way forward not previously thought of, creative opportunity, time to be a little clever, chakra clearing, revitalisation of creative projects thought lost. unblocking of obstacles, vitality boost, ideas, brainstorming productively.

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May Nature Always Bless you, 
Love Cheralyn xx 
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May Nature always bless you! 
Love Cheralyn xx 

Flower Reading Fridays

Friday is just around the corner and that means? 
Free Flower Reading Friday! 

Flower Fridays

I dedicate this one day a week to sharing free short readings with those who are part of the Florasphere Facebook community (a page where I share Traditional Flower Reading and Nature news, Eco tips, gardening love and Nature inspired creative living information (here!). 
These Traditional Flower Readings I find assist others in learning more about Traditional Flower Reading and in connecting deeper with Nature,
Gardening and understanding the Language of Flowers for themselves. 

If you think your friends would be interested, then it would be lovely if you shared this post.

May Nature always bless you! 

Love, Cheralyn xx

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Bicycling Love!

My complete number one favourite 'thing' to do is actually not walking, hiking, watching movies.....
it's bicycling. No we are not talking Tour de Freeways here, I am not at all a racer style enthusiast. I adore, love, am in blissful peace, riding Dutch style, Cruiser style, Mary Poppins style bicycles. 

(my current bike, a REPCO, I love but a bit limiting with no gears and lacks comfort for longer rides)

I thought I was a BMX Bandit in my youth. HA!
I had a gorgeous deep purple Malvern Star Dragster that was my pride and joy for many years and the love and freedom of bike riding has never left me. I admit I've always felt uneasy on busy city roads after a a couple of early clashes in my 20s with cars so I'm not likely to go from one side of the city to the other on a commute but set me on a bush, beach or lake track, on a cycleway and local streets and I'm blissful! 

Bike me copy

I have a serious LUST ISSUE with the Sommer by Papillionaire Bicycles 


I've thought about the Boston Red for so very long and felt tempted by the Cloud Blue now too!
I think I am mellowing and blue seems somewhat softer and more serene. 


But seriously it is the gearing, the shape ~ Dutch style, 
(important for the way I feel comfortable riding my bike) and the quality.
This will be the bike that will last,
I'm sure, the rest of my life.
Hoping this will be THE year I make this particular dream come true!


When upgrading any bicycle in your family PLEASE donate your old bike to Bicycles for Humanity:
This organisation will arrange to get your old bike over to a developing country.