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Nature Inspired Colour In Time with Flora Flower!

A few years ago I did put a few of my designs up on this blog with colouring~in versions for everyone.
I noticed that adults seemed to like them just as much as kids. That's rather awesome! 
I have been asked A LOT this past few weeks for colour in versions of Flora Flower because the school holidays in Australia are approaching, but I think it's just a cover that the big people are using. ;) 

Oh and this was my 'helper' Sundar  this morning as I drew Flower Flower for you all.
YES!!!...I had to stop for cuddles! 


Well here is Flora Flower with a Happy friend in the garden to get you started and I would LOVE to see what you do (no age barriers either!) 

Post them on the Florasphere Facebook page: 

Flora Flower C1 by Cheralyn Darcey
*to download: click on the image and you will be taken to a new page with a full resolution image. Simply right click and save to your computer. Please note that this image is protected under international copyright laws and is for personal use as a colouring in page only. It must not be used or reproduced in any other way. 

Handing in Manuscript & Artwork, Wild Office Gardens & more Beautiful Botany!

Well this week has been rather busy and I hope that it's found you happy, well and Nature has delighted you in some way special. 

Someone asked me why do Flowers even have meanings and it's a great question. 
Have you ever noticed how adaptable plants are? Especially flowers? They will progressively change over generations to better attract different pollinators and animals to assist them in spreading and surviving. Most give something out and in exchange they get something back. It's a relationship. All of Nature is one big family relationship and we all need each other. I have found that plants give us what we need, they attract us so that we might assist them. In growing them, in noticing them, in caring for them and for the place they live in. 

For the past 18 months I have been creating my next tile to follow my "Australian Wildflower Reading Cards". Decks and books and Art that I'm working on all overlap while I'm creating because that's the way that Nature is. I travel to places and seasons change around me and so my focus is on what is here and I collect my thoughts at that time, I talk to people in those areas and I research, I create my art and I enjoy immensely in being in that moment learning. 

So this title has learned a lot from the last. This has been from meeting so many of you lovely Nature and particularly Flower Lovers while on my travels and from chatting with you, listening to which of the things I share with you that you seem to really want more of. 

The biggest surprise I guess has been the amount of kids who have come to see me and who have purchase Australian Wildflower Reading Cards.

I suppose I should be surprised at all because I'm a Mum myself and my kids have always loved the Botanical and Mythological stories I've woven for them. To other kids and families respond the way mine have is just natural too..... Oh and I do LOVE LOVE LOVE budding Artists sharing their Flower Art with me immensely!! ~ makes my day ~ 

In my first title I shared the traditional meanings of Flowers and you could use them as daily affirmation cards or read with them as an oracle deck or, as many do, use them to study flowers and learn about them and their connection with us. 
I included the botanical information so you could go and explore and I also have suggested (ok ok ok I have pleaded with you all!) to plant natives, particularly to go and find out which are you 'local natives'. So happy to read every day more and more emails and messages from people doing just that..... bUT.... :) 

BUT many of you asked for an 'International Flower Deck" with flowers from around the world because you wanted to know more about them as well.  I've also met many people from outside of Australia on my travels and online who have asked me about them to. 

So without giving too much away, I've concentrated on bring you a deck which combines a very special look at flowers around the world. It may not in fact be what you are all thinking (HINT,  remember: I don't share JUSt the mythology and traditions, but the Botanical adventures as well in my work!) 

Those who have seen this work this week now it has been complete ~ my Publishers, close friends, family my Mum :)  have all expressed what I hope will happen, a renewed interest in what I've taken for granted because to me it's just what I love.I am loving the additional questions and the wonder that Flowers & Plants and THEIR stories are inspiring. 

It won't be too long until this title is out and in the meantime I am still working on a large book, a smaller book and of course the next deck. Plants will come to me to be researched and written about and painted in their time, not mine and I learned to work and to grow like the seasons and be a part of Nature. 

AGAIN please plant some LOCAL native flowers!!! Go to your local council and ask them for this information. They are not just for parking fines and rates you know ;) 
When you do, hop onto Florasphere and show me the FLOWERS!! 

This is my publisher Paul Dennett! He and his wife Lisa Hanrahan run Rockpool Publishing
 ~wild office garden, bare feet and happy smile. Cool hey? 

Paul and me deck
So this week all the artworks are in, the guidebook is complete and so the process of final edits and printing begins. I'm so looking forward to sharing with you all the publishing dates BUT you know you I can't or I'd have to hide you in the bottom of the garden somewhere so you couldn't tell anyone! ;) 

I can share a couple of images with you... JUST a couple mind! ~ 



WEB Pyramidal Orchid ~ UNITY
I'm really looking forward to meeting more of you in person and online and hearing your connections with Nature! It's been a really amazing six months and I thank each of you for your support and interest because I'm able to keep sharing with you because of it and bring you more publications and be able to travel to meet you all. 

May you always be blessed by Nature
and may YOU always be a Blessing to Nature as well my friends!

Cheralyn xx 

PS ~ 
One of the final images for Flora's cards/book .... I do so love drawing her and now painting her backgrounds. I'm mono printing with natural treasures and placing her drawings over those ~ 

WEB flora cards 1


Free Flower Reading Friday

These Readings known also as 'Floramancy' I find assist others in learning more about Traditional Flower Reading and in connecting deeper with Nature, Gardening and understanding the Language of Flowers for themselves. 

Welcome to Free Flower Reading Friday ~ 

Flower Fridays

What you need to do....

LIKE the Florasphere Facebook page,

post an image ON THE FLORASPHERE PAGE POST IN THE COMMENT SECTION of a flower you feel drawn to & question if you have one in the comment section here on THIS post for your reading. Limited to 20 Readings or until midnight tonight, which ever occurs first. 

READINGS will be posted under your comment and photo during today and the coming days. Check back/watch your Notifications in Facebook. 

If your post is AFTER midnight Sydney time today (Friday) or after the first 20 Posts, unfortunately it won't be answered this week, please post again NEXT FRIDAY. 

YES you may share this post. 

May Nature always bless you! 
Love, Cheralyn xx

The quick link to the FLORASPHERE PAGE is here:

Australian Wildflower Reading Cards

There are a lot of emails and messages this week expressing surprise that I have a deck 'out'. YES! :) 

I'm a artist, author and traditional flower reader with a lifelong passion for exploring botany and traditions for healing and guidance.

My first deck 'Australian Wildflower Reading Cards' featuring my research, guidebook and art has been out now in Australia since 1st September and is released in the USA, UK and Europe 1st April (yes really!) lol 
My publisher does sell my deck ~ Rockpool Publishing and can also advise of wholesale distributors in your area. 
For signed copies, lots of Flower Reading and Nature Based Information and Resources along with courses in person and online ~ 
May Nature always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx

Cards booklet 3

Good Night ~ Four O'Clock Flower Blessings

Good Night my friends, a Flower of the Night to Guide you!

Mirabilis jalapa

Four O'Clock Flower (Mirabilis jalapa) also known as Marvel of Peru and Beauty of the Night. 
These are amazing aren't all flowers!) but these plants produce different coloured flowers on the same plant AND even flowers with different colours in them! Fascinating! 
They open in the late afternoon with a lovely fragrance and only stay open for one night. Once the morning sun comes, they close and die. As with most night blooming flowers, they are pollinated by moths. 
It grows up to 2 metres and the flowers are tubular and up to 6.5cm long by 3.5cm wide with 5-6 stamens.
Naturalised in many warmer parts of the world it is originally thought to be from the tropical climate regions of the Americas. 

Flower Meanings: stop getting lost in the trivial, higher purpose realisation and opportunities, getting closer to goals, connections with true friends and romantic partners
Challenges: losing focus, giving up too soon, watch where you place your energy more closely, motivation issues. 

May Nature Always Bless you, 
Cheralyn xx

*can be toxic, do not consume or use topically unless under the supervision of a qualified and legally registered practitioner.

Flora ~ Even the Trees

In Sydney town the chill is definitely in the air this morning, the seasons are changing and with it reminding us of the cycles we all live in. Time to let go of some things, time to withdraw and rest, time to reflect and to change focus. 

POSTCARD let go small

But winter approaching doesn't come without Nature warming our souls with hues of Autumn ~ amber, topaz, crimson, rust and senna. The colours that hold us for just a little longer in the memory of summer. 
Will have to let go soon, but that is ok. Each season holds it's own magic, it's challenges, it's gifts and it's lessons. 
May you blessed with all you seek and all you find in Nature 
Cheralyn xx