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Good Night ~ Four O'Clock Flower Blessings

Good Night my friends, a Flower of the Night to Guide you!

Mirabilis jalapa

Four O'Clock Flower (Mirabilis jalapa) also known as Marvel of Peru and Beauty of the Night. 
These are amazing aren't all flowers!) but these plants produce different coloured flowers on the same plant AND even flowers with different colours in them! Fascinating! 
They open in the late afternoon with a lovely fragrance and only stay open for one night. Once the morning sun comes, they close and die. As with most night blooming flowers, they are pollinated by moths. 
It grows up to 2 metres and the flowers are tubular and up to 6.5cm long by 3.5cm wide with 5-6 stamens.
Naturalised in many warmer parts of the world it is originally thought to be from the tropical climate regions of the Americas. 

Flower Meanings: stop getting lost in the trivial, higher purpose realisation and opportunities, getting closer to goals, connections with true friends and romantic partners
Challenges: losing focus, giving up too soon, watch where you place your energy more closely, motivation issues. 

May Nature Always Bless you, 
Cheralyn xx

*can be toxic, do not consume or use topically unless under the supervision of a qualified and legally registered practitioner.