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Free Flower Reading Friday

These Readings known also as 'Floramancy' I find assist others in learning more about Traditional Flower Reading and in connecting deeper with Nature, Gardening and understanding the Language of Flowers for themselves. 

Welcome to Free Flower Reading Friday ~ 

Flower Fridays

What you need to do....

LIKE the Florasphere Facebook page,

post an image ON THE FLORASPHERE PAGE POST IN THE COMMENT SECTION of a flower you feel drawn to & question if you have one in the comment section here on THIS post for your reading. Limited to 20 Readings or until midnight tonight, which ever occurs first. 

READINGS will be posted under your comment and photo during today and the coming days. Check back/watch your Notifications in Facebook. 

If your post is AFTER midnight Sydney time today (Friday) or after the first 20 Posts, unfortunately it won't be answered this week, please post again NEXT FRIDAY. 

YES you may share this post. 

May Nature always bless you! 
Love, Cheralyn xx

The quick link to the FLORASPHERE PAGE is here: