Bicycling Love!

My complete number one favourite 'thing' to do is actually not walking, hiking, watching movies.....
it's bicycling. No we are not talking Tour de Freeways here, I am not at all a racer style enthusiast. I adore, love, am in blissful peace, riding Dutch style, Cruiser style, Mary Poppins style bicycles. 

(my current bike, a REPCO, I love but a bit limiting with no gears and lacks comfort for longer rides)

I thought I was a BMX Bandit in my youth. HA!
I had a gorgeous deep purple Malvern Star Dragster that was my pride and joy for many years and the love and freedom of bike riding has never left me. I admit I've always felt uneasy on busy city roads after a a couple of early clashes in my 20s with cars so I'm not likely to go from one side of the city to the other on a commute but set me on a bush, beach or lake track, on a cycleway and local streets and I'm blissful! 

Bike me copy

I have a serious LUST ISSUE with the Sommer by Papillionaire Bicycles 


I've thought about the Boston Red for so very long and felt tempted by the Cloud Blue now too!
I think I am mellowing and blue seems somewhat softer and more serene. 


But seriously it is the gearing, the shape ~ Dutch style, 
(important for the way I feel comfortable riding my bike) and the quality.
This will be the bike that will last,
I'm sure, the rest of my life.
Hoping this will be THE year I make this particular dream come true!


When upgrading any bicycle in your family PLEASE donate your old bike to Bicycles for Humanity:
This organisation will arrange to get your old bike over to a developing country. 



bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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