Sculpture ~ 'Flora's Hike'

I have created sculpture for as long as I've worked in other mediums. My two favourite ways to express myself in art are linocut and sculpture as I just adore the complete hands on, lost in form, found in capturing light, dirty, messing, multi dimensional place I find myself in. I think this is why I just never got the hang of graphic art, it's the polar opposite. I need to feel the changes, the texture, the organic nature of what I'm working with first hand. 

                                      "Flora's Hike" 26 x 20 x 14cm mixed media & found objects

Flora b

This is the very first time my 'Flora' drawings have come to life as sculpture. Created in clays and paper pulp mixed with a varieties of reclaimed filled over a wire armature with the addition of found objects. 

I created Flora long ago, she was just a simple doodle o the edges of my journals and sketch books that travelled with me as I was out in Nature exploring, deep in libraries, galleries and other institutions researching and just hanging out to help me work things out. 


She has featured in blog posts and leaflets for various environmental organisations 


and she has reminded us to connect with Nature a little more closely
and learn for our personal growth...


I have been really amazed with the growing number of people each week who have started writing to me, requesting to see more of her, making requests and just sharing their thoughts about her.
Lovely stuff so thank you! 

Where to now? Well I don't really know. I am busy creating and finishing two slightly different books featuring her other than that my resources are very limited. Anything I need done, I go and learn how to do it and do it myself and on a shoestring ~ Websites, Artworks, Blogs, Mailing Lists, (my first deck of cards before I obtained a publishing contract!) 

I would adore to animate her, claymation would be the most amazing medium but the time & money really are things I don't have. So I will keep working here and maybe, you never know one day we just might see her really spring to life! Thank you all the same for all your thoughts and love, I really do appreciate it! xx 

To see a little video of 'Flora's Hike' ~  Post by Cheralyn Darcey.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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