Flora's Family ~
Peace Lily ~ Reveal

Passion requires it's partner ~ Dedication

Drawing Flora Flower. In order to finish with a cartoon drawing that holds the expression and feeling I'm after, I have to begin with a strong foundation. I take my time. I think, I explore and I give space and time when needed.

Flora time

I sketch rather anatomically correct figures first.
Then I exaggerate features to suit my style and build in clothes and details. 

You can not expect good results with anything unless you learn all the tools and create good strong foundations. Messy unresolved art or repetitive bland copycat styles are born from short cuts and an unwillingness to dedicate time to basic skill development. 

If you want to do anything in life, go and research and learn all there is and expect to spend time just doing, a lot of time.
Passion needs it's partner, dedication. Be dedicated to each layer of all that you do.




(in the process I have signed these as I used them as example online to a group of younger students I mentor) 



Flora time

May Nature always bless you with all that you need, 
Cheralyn xx