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Mind Body Spirit Festival BRISBANE visit

BRISBANE based friends!


I'll be presenting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia this Sunday ~ Seminar Room B at 2:15pm. A flying visit, I'll only be there for the day this time but would adore meeting you!! 

I'll be sharing with you the story of Traditional Flower Reading with a focus on Australian Flowers and how you can personally connect with their power and energies for healing, guidance and insight. 

Everyone who comes along, receives a Flower Reading too! 

May Nature always bless you, see you soon Brisbane xx

Flower Reading with Unidentified Flowers

... and another way to use the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards that I created. 


Right now I am in the final stages before the release of my next Nature based Deck. It's an exciting time, it's an incredibly busy time as well. The artwork for my deck is still A4 linocut paintings so the actual physical work is very challenging as well as time consuming. Each takes about 3 full days to create and lots of bits of my fingers! :) 
The writing occurs as I go. I keep notes on my research, I go back through old journals and with all this I form the Guidebook which accompanies the deck. 

Often it is hard to identify flowers for flower reading, but here is one way to connect with basic meanings and begin exploring for yourself while you develop a closer relationship and and understanding of the environment around you. 
In this short Video  I share with you some insights into Flower Reading and the Language of Flowers.


Florasphere ~ Nature Walking

Comic Nature's Magic

Really loving sharing Flora's Comics with friends right now. I'm surprised at the Zan love (his full real name is Xanthorrhoea) So many of you like him!! He is cheeky!! 
My comics take a while from story development, through to sketching to final artwork stage and writing.Working at finding a 'home' for the comic strips today, busy sending submissions to various newspapers and magazines.... ahhhhh I'd love the money to afford representation as I hate doing this stuff!  

To answer a few questions!
Daisy is a Boxer Dog. 
Zan is a regular standard cat, (don't tell him I said that!) 
I use Prismacolor pencils (Premier and Verithin) to colour and Copic Liners to ink with. 
I ADORE Staedtler Mars pens to sketch with 3B being my favourite. 
No I don't use reference photos or computer aids, I just sketch and doodle away. 
Flora is not any particular flower. 
Where do they all live? Well you may just have to wait and see....
there is a book being released soon! 


May Nature always bless you! 
Love Cheralyn xx 

The Perky Petal

Flora's first comic strip ~ 

Comic Perky Petal

*click to be taken to full size image.
  You can share but please do not alter in any way. 

I love comics and I have been trying to find ways for Flora to 'come to life' so progression to a comic strip is something I have been working on for a few months now . It is what I know and love and I think it works well. 

Flora, like us, is part of the environment and like us, she doesn't always do the best thing for our Earth but she learns, she adapts and she explores alternatives. My dream is that one day she might be fully animated but for now, I'm happy to keep creating her this way as I learn from her too as she grows. 

May Nature always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 

Sculpture ~ 'Flora's Hike'

I have created sculpture for as long as I've worked in other mediums. My two favourite ways to express myself in art are linocut and sculpture as I just adore the complete hands on, lost in form, found in capturing light, dirty, messing, multi dimensional place I find myself in. I think this is why I just never got the hang of graphic art, it's the polar opposite. I need to feel the changes, the texture, the organic nature of what I'm working with first hand. 

                                      "Flora's Hike" 26 x 20 x 14cm mixed media & found objects

Flora b

This is the very first time my 'Flora' drawings have come to life as sculpture. Created in clays and paper pulp mixed with a varieties of reclaimed filled over a wire armature with the addition of found objects. 

I created Flora long ago, she was just a simple doodle o the edges of my journals and sketch books that travelled with me as I was out in Nature exploring, deep in libraries, galleries and other institutions researching and just hanging out to help me work things out. 


She has featured in blog posts and leaflets for various environmental organisations 


and she has reminded us to connect with Nature a little more closely
and learn for our personal growth...


I have been really amazed with the growing number of people each week who have started writing to me, requesting to see more of her, making requests and just sharing their thoughts about her.
Lovely stuff so thank you! 

Where to now? Well I don't really know. I am busy creating and finishing two slightly different books featuring her other than that my resources are very limited. Anything I need done, I go and learn how to do it and do it myself and on a shoestring ~ Websites, Artworks, Blogs, Mailing Lists, (my first deck of cards before I obtained a publishing contract!) 

I would adore to animate her, claymation would be the most amazing medium but the time & money really are things I don't have. So I will keep working here and maybe, you never know one day we just might see her really spring to life! Thank you all the same for all your thoughts and love, I really do appreciate it! xx 

To see a little video of 'Flora's Hike' ~  Post by Cheralyn Darcey.


Peace Lily ~ Reveal

Oh Good Morning!! 
In my home as I get my day started ~
Unfurling slowly is one of my Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum wallisii) 


Meaning: Protection is required right now, you must wake up and see a situation with more clarity, things will be revealed soon, remove what no longer serves you. 

Interpretation: Look at the flowers still sleeping on their spadix under the white protective bracts there, silently awaiting their turn to arise. Slowly revealing what awaits to be seen and understood. Personally? I am feeling 'in the dark' re a situation. I know that noticing Peace Lily in this state this morning tells me, (particularly when I was pondering the situation) that I don't know everything but it will soon be revealed. I am missing seeing something for what it really is or failing to admit that I need to move on and leave it behind. 

May your day bring you all you need to know too 
and may Nature always Bless you! xx

spadix: (the cluster of flowers, this is the yellow spike in a Peace Lily) 

bracts (the white 'petal', actually modified leaves)

Passion requires it's partner ~ Dedication

Drawing Flora Flower. In order to finish with a cartoon drawing that holds the expression and feeling I'm after, I have to begin with a strong foundation. I take my time. I think, I explore and I give space and time when needed.

Flora time

I sketch rather anatomically correct figures first.
Then I exaggerate features to suit my style and build in clothes and details. 

You can not expect good results with anything unless you learn all the tools and create good strong foundations. Messy unresolved art or repetitive bland copycat styles are born from short cuts and an unwillingness to dedicate time to basic skill development. 

If you want to do anything in life, go and research and learn all there is and expect to spend time just doing, a lot of time.
Passion needs it's partner, dedication. Be dedicated to each layer of all that you do.




(in the process I have signed these as I used them as example online to a group of younger students I mentor) 



Flora time

May Nature always bless you with all that you need, 
Cheralyn xx 


Flower needs water ~ Lotus needs mud

While I was writing today I realised that in order to really connect with what I was writing about I needed the dark, I needed the things I had rejected over time, because in those moments and in that light, or lack of, I found the things that enhanced my understanding and growth.
May you too find gifts from these moments and times. 

Cheralyn xx




Flower Reading Retreat, Sydney Botanic Gardens BOOKINGS CLOSING

YES, our Sydney Botanic Garden Flower Reading Retreat

Sunday 7th March 2015  is going ahead!


An email this morning asked if there was a chance the Retreat would be cancelled due to low attendance numbers. I completely understand this is a concern for any retreat or course. There are NINE lovely Flower Reading Retreat Attendees all booked and eager to come along, so yes my friends, we are defiantly meeting in the Gardens next month!  

Thank YOU all for your support of this very special day
and as you can see, there are THREE spots left. 
I will be closing the bookings this weekend.