Flower Reading with Unidentified Flowers

... and another way to use the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards that I created. 


Right now I am in the final stages before the release of my next Nature based Deck. It's an exciting time, it's an incredibly busy time as well. The artwork for my deck is still A4 linocut paintings so the actual physical work is very challenging as well as time consuming. Each takes about 3 full days to create and lots of bits of my fingers! :) 
The writing occurs as I go. I keep notes on my research, I go back through old journals and with all this I form the Guidebook which accompanies the deck. 

Often it is hard to identify flowers for flower reading, but here is one way to connect with basic meanings and begin exploring for yourself while you develop a closer relationship and and understanding of the environment around you. 
In this short Video  I share with you some insights into Flower Reading and the Language of Flowers.


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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