Flower Reading Retreat, Sydney Botanic Gardens BOOKINGS CLOSING

YES, our Sydney Botanic Garden Flower Reading Retreat

Sunday 7th March 2015  is going ahead!


An email this morning asked if there was a chance the Retreat would be cancelled due to low attendance numbers. I completely understand this is a concern for any retreat or course. There are NINE lovely Flower Reading Retreat Attendees all booked and eager to come along, so yes my friends, we are defiantly meeting in the Gardens next month!  

Thank YOU all for your support of this very special day
and as you can see, there are THREE spots left. 
I will be closing the bookings this weekend. 



bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Feb 4
ahhhh the misquote .... mmmm the huge massive complete reworking of old material *sigh* Holding on through this 'storm', like anything, this too shall pass. :) You with me friends? xx
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