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Really loving sharing Flora's Comics with friends right now. I'm surprised at the Zan love (his full real name is Xanthorrhoea) So many of you like him!! He is cheeky!! 
My comics take a while from story development, through to sketching to final artwork stage and writing.Working at finding a 'home' for the comic strips today, busy sending submissions to various newspapers and magazines.... ahhhhh I'd love the money to afford representation as I hate doing this stuff!  

To answer a few questions!
Daisy is a Boxer Dog. 
Zan is a regular standard cat, (don't tell him I said that!) 
I use Prismacolor pencils (Premier and Verithin) to colour and Copic Liners to ink with. 
I ADORE Staedtler Mars pens to sketch with 3B being my favourite. 
No I don't use reference photos or computer aids, I just sketch and doodle away. 
Flora is not any particular flower. 
Where do they all live? Well you may just have to wait and see....
there is a book being released soon! 


May Nature always bless you! 
Love Cheralyn xx 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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