You can steal my words but you can not steal the Truth of them. I live that.

Just saw the blurb for a new deck... ummm yeah that line is on my website/blog/social media for my first deck and all my work and has been for the past MANY years. It's the final line in my short bio. It's what all my Presentations have been about the past year and the sentence I leave everyone with at the end of them, to take home and explore.


Not sure if I should be incredibly flattered or angry. 


I know I'm just little me and I guess they are just words to you and I can't 'compete' with 'blah blah INC' but it hurts. It hurts that what you share, what you feel and what you know and what is so important to you because you live it and have lived it for so long, just gets ripped out of you as if it doesn't matter. 


Well, we all matter, I matter. My work is not created for what others perceive as the next fad to hurry up and jump on. No I didn't do that. It's been 30 years in the making, but gosh thanks for thinking so highly of it that even my Bio is stolen out of my mouth and heart. 


You can steal my words but you can not steal the Truth of them. I live that.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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