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You can steal my words but you can not steal the Truth of them. I live that.

Tim's Vermeer

Watched 'Tim's Vermeer' last night and it was interesting.
This technique shows how brilliant Vermeer was, but was he an Artist? 

I do also admire Tim Jenison's passion to find out and to carry through this amazing quest immensely. It is an incredible undertaking and his attention to the entire process as well as his genius is something rather inspiring to watch...

The phrase that still resonates with me? 
"you become a machine" 

This 'technique' is replicated, in a way, over and over today thanks to computer assistance and before that photographs. Artists put together photoshopped creations and paint over them. 
I know the debate continues...

For me, YES you do need to stand before a blank canvas and release your passion while you fall. 
If some else feels that with these other techniques, fantastic! 

For me, no. I need to stand before that blank canvas, fall, tumble, tiptoe with the energy of paint layering with my hands, of soggy papers from watercolour washes, tease broken pencil stubs of their precious last and line with inks the things I feel. 

I need to carve what I see and feel in blocks and print by curious hand, revealing what may come and learning why that is. 

My sketchbooks fill my shelves, bags, drawers, pockets as much as they fill my heart and it is here I whisper dreams and concepts as my passions chatter and creative problems resolve. 

I need to be surprised and inspired by results unthought of. I need to let my chisels and files slip and find grains I may feel at the last but not of seen at the start. I want to watch as metals oxidize in colours undreamt and pigments combine on canvases beating paths of exploration, not following maps of calculation.  

I am not saying the other is not Art. 

Just for me, this is Art.