The Five Day Art Challenge

I do enjoy these types of challenges, even when I have zero time to commit to them... lol 
But anyway I'm in. 

The idea is to fill Facebook with art...The challenge is to post 3 pieces of your artwork each day for 5 days and nominate a different artist each day to do the same...

This is the first three days so far for me ~

DAY ONE for me ~ 
These are some of my sculptures created from waste and recycled materials. Each of these have been key pieces in exhibitions from through to 2009 to 2012 when I was experimenting with creating aged patinas with paints I mixed myself and scientific experiments! maw ha ha!!

Surfboard copy



This is a collection of my pastel paintings from the 1990s~ One was a very important Australia Art Prize winner that I will never part with. 
So from left to right we have "Sedona Morning Walk", "Brindabella Sunday" and "Bondi Wednesday's Decision" 
For about 15 years from the age of 21, my professional work was probably about 80% pastels (soft, oil & water soluble). There are A LOT of my pastels out there. I exhibited and sold many in Australia and the USA. Most were landscapes and flowers.


Brindebella  copy

Bondi copy

This is a collection of my collages dating back up to 10 years. Two are actually SoulCollage images I created. Oh and Alice's crown is a very old shearers comb I found in a field. Just adore Collage... need more time for it. 




May Nature always Bless you! xx 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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