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My Comic favourites right now ~

I adore, collect, read and just generally love comics. A very big TMNT fan and this follows a theme for me, Sci-Fi blended with humour though I admit I do enjoy Batman immensely and do dip into more 'serious' titles often. 

I had a very extensive collection many many moons ago which was lost in a very sad way and over the years I have tried to recreate it with at least a few key issues here and there. At the time of the loss I had my Stainless Steel Rat collection with me thankfully. 

One day, not so long ago I decided to stop being such a melancholy sad sack lamenting the loss of my collection and to begin looking to the future and reading new comics. 
I was put off doing so for a long time because I didn't like way certain storylines had evolved with my various favourites and the art in much of the new wave is just not pleasing to me at all. They say that the story is more important than the Art in comics, but Art is personal taste and for me, I need to really enjoy the Art, it's an important quality to my experience. I do find myself gravitating towards the same writers at times and I wonder if they are just really good at attracting amazing artists to flesh out their creations...... mmm pondering!  

I've been enjoying so many new titles and have actually decided this week to set up standing orders with some after a few months of reading. 
My favourite two right now ~ 
LOW ~ ohhhh the art!!!!!! And the story is wonderful too  Greg Tocchini is amazing. I just adore this work. So well written by Rick Remender 


AND...fav of the year ~ WILD'S END Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard. This is so good that I re read constantly. The art is just so clean and divine and the story, so so so good!!!!!!!!!! Animals + War of the Worlds + loads of Rocket Raccoon type humour, no further questions!  Ticks every single box. 

Wild's end

My comic reading friends ~ What's on your list right now?