Postcards for Faeries ~ Fairy Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)
Tim's Vermeer

Finding Faeries at the Shops!

Northern Beaches Sydney parents!!!!! School Holiday activity I HIGHLY recommend. 
I popped to the shops today to purchase new gardening gloves as I need to repot one of my Faery Gardens and I was stopped in my tracks by The Fairy Realm set up at Forestway Shopping Centre!!! Hows THAT for universal timings? 

They have the most amazing school holiday activity ~ Create a fairy garden and it's with real plants!! They seem to start at $15, everything included! 

I've never met these people before but they seem LOVELY!! Oh yes and there are little treasures to buy too for YOUR Fairy Garden! They sell online too AND their Facebook page has some really lovely examples and ideas.


They are there until the end of the week.