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January 2015

The Five Day Art Challenge

I do enjoy these types of challenges, even when I have zero time to commit to them... lol 
But anyway I'm in. 

The idea is to fill Facebook with art...The challenge is to post 3 pieces of your artwork each day for 5 days and nominate a different artist each day to do the same...

This is the first three days so far for me ~

DAY ONE for me ~ 
These are some of my sculptures created from waste and recycled materials. Each of these have been key pieces in exhibitions from through to 2009 to 2012 when I was experimenting with creating aged patinas with paints I mixed myself and scientific experiments! maw ha ha!!

Surfboard copy



This is a collection of my pastel paintings from the 1990s~ One was a very important Australia Art Prize winner that I will never part with. 
So from left to right we have "Sedona Morning Walk", "Brindabella Sunday" and "Bondi Wednesday's Decision" 
For about 15 years from the age of 21, my professional work was probably about 80% pastels (soft, oil & water soluble). There are A LOT of my pastels out there. I exhibited and sold many in Australia and the USA. Most were landscapes and flowers.


Brindebella  copy

Bondi copy

This is a collection of my collages dating back up to 10 years. Two are actually SoulCollage images I created. Oh and Alice's crown is a very old shearers comb I found in a field. Just adore Collage... need more time for it. 




May Nature always Bless you! xx 

Scottish Primrose Wildflower Reading Card

Card Artwork for upcoming deck. I write my Guidebooks as I paint as I find so many insights in the layers as they emerge to add to my research and study. A dedicated blend of botanical science, spirituality, history, culture and art. 
This card ~ Scottish Primrose ~ meaning ~ Compassion, understanding, peace, enlightened and honest, unbiased evaluation of volatile situations, grace, removal of judgement. 
At the Praying Hands of Mary, Scotland 
May Nature always bless you! xx




You can steal my words but you can not steal the Truth of them. I live that.

Just saw the blurb for a new deck... ummm yeah that line is on my website/blog/social media for my first deck and all my work and has been for the past MANY years. It's the final line in my short bio. It's what all my Presentations have been about the past year and the sentence I leave everyone with at the end of them, to take home and explore.


Not sure if I should be incredibly flattered or angry. 


I know I'm just little me and I guess they are just words to you and I can't 'compete' with 'blah blah INC' but it hurts. It hurts that what you share, what you feel and what you know and what is so important to you because you live it and have lived it for so long, just gets ripped out of you as if it doesn't matter. 


Well, we all matter, I matter. My work is not created for what others perceive as the next fad to hurry up and jump on. No I didn't do that. It's been 30 years in the making, but gosh thanks for thinking so highly of it that even my Bio is stolen out of my mouth and heart. 


You can steal my words but you can not steal the Truth of them. I live that.

Tim's Vermeer

Watched 'Tim's Vermeer' last night and it was interesting.
This technique shows how brilliant Vermeer was, but was he an Artist? 

I do also admire Tim Jenison's passion to find out and to carry through this amazing quest immensely. It is an incredible undertaking and his attention to the entire process as well as his genius is something rather inspiring to watch...

The phrase that still resonates with me? 
"you become a machine" 

This 'technique' is replicated, in a way, over and over today thanks to computer assistance and before that photographs. Artists put together photoshopped creations and paint over them. 
I know the debate continues...

For me, YES you do need to stand before a blank canvas and release your passion while you fall. 
If some else feels that with these other techniques, fantastic! 

For me, no. I need to stand before that blank canvas, fall, tumble, tiptoe with the energy of paint layering with my hands, of soggy papers from watercolour washes, tease broken pencil stubs of their precious last and line with inks the things I feel. 

I need to carve what I see and feel in blocks and print by curious hand, revealing what may come and learning why that is. 

My sketchbooks fill my shelves, bags, drawers, pockets as much as they fill my heart and it is here I whisper dreams and concepts as my passions chatter and creative problems resolve. 

I need to be surprised and inspired by results unthought of. I need to let my chisels and files slip and find grains I may feel at the last but not of seen at the start. I want to watch as metals oxidize in colours undreamt and pigments combine on canvases beating paths of exploration, not following maps of calculation.  

I am not saying the other is not Art. 

Just for me, this is Art.

Finding Faeries at the Shops!

Northern Beaches Sydney parents!!!!! School Holiday activity I HIGHLY recommend. 
I popped to the shops today to purchase new gardening gloves as I need to repot one of my Faery Gardens and I was stopped in my tracks by The Fairy Realm set up at Forestway Shopping Centre!!! Hows THAT for universal timings? 

They have the most amazing school holiday activity ~ Create a fairy garden and it's with real plants!! They seem to start at $15, everything included! 

I've never met these people before but they seem LOVELY!! Oh yes and there are little treasures to buy too for YOUR Fairy Garden! They sell online too AND their Facebook page has some really lovely examples and ideas.


They are there until the end of the week. 

Postcards for Faeries ~ Fairy Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)

Postcards for Faeries
11th January ~ Fairy Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)
Time to re~evaluate goals, be incredibly mindful of your word right now, strengthen resolutions. 

11th jan

The mail so far ~ 

Postcards for Faeries

Over the years, I have created miniature artworks because I just adore the whole absorption of mind and soul which occurs when you focus on shifting your perspective so completely. I have noticed a few Artists this year creating miniature artworks on a daily basis set to themes and I thought this was a brilliant idea for my Flower Reading work as it ties in my daily connections, work and meditations with Nature as well as my art and journaling.


How do I select each flower? I may of seen the plant flowering, dreamt of it, been working with it or it may of come to me as a message, a thought or just a happy passing connection.

​Each tiny postcard artwork is just 2cm wide by 1.5cm high
and I create it on a 21 x 15cm sheet of recycled paper.
I have used pencil, ink and watercolour to create a Postcard for a Faery based on my day.

I am organising an exhibition of this series midway in July 2014 and then the entire 2015 collection in early 2016. 
You can follow along by watching this blog and you can see the entire series, the names and botanical information of each flower, along with it's Flower Reading meaning as it's created over at my website: 


2 jan


My Comic favourites right now ~

I adore, collect, read and just generally love comics. A very big TMNT fan and this follows a theme for me, Sci-Fi blended with humour though I admit I do enjoy Batman immensely and do dip into more 'serious' titles often. 

I had a very extensive collection many many moons ago which was lost in a very sad way and over the years I have tried to recreate it with at least a few key issues here and there. At the time of the loss I had my Stainless Steel Rat collection with me thankfully. 

One day, not so long ago I decided to stop being such a melancholy sad sack lamenting the loss of my collection and to begin looking to the future and reading new comics. 
I was put off doing so for a long time because I didn't like way certain storylines had evolved with my various favourites and the art in much of the new wave is just not pleasing to me at all. They say that the story is more important than the Art in comics, but Art is personal taste and for me, I need to really enjoy the Art, it's an important quality to my experience. I do find myself gravitating towards the same writers at times and I wonder if they are just really good at attracting amazing artists to flesh out their creations...... mmm pondering!  

I've been enjoying so many new titles and have actually decided this week to set up standing orders with some after a few months of reading. 
My favourite two right now ~ 
LOW ~ ohhhh the art!!!!!! And the story is wonderful too  Greg Tocchini is amazing. I just adore this work. So well written by Rick Remender 


AND...fav of the year ~ WILD'S END Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard. This is so good that I re read constantly. The art is just so clean and divine and the story, so so so good!!!!!!!!!! Animals + War of the Worlds + loads of Rocket Raccoon type humour, no further questions!  Ticks every single box. 

Wild's end

My comic reading friends ~ What's on your list right now?