Ocean Care Day Festival & Sharina Star Interview today~!

Looking forward to sharing some of my day with YOU! 
21st Oceancare Festival 10 ~ 5pm Manly Beach Sydney Environmental Artists Tent



then I'm on Psychic Encounters with Sharina Star 2UE in a live interview with lovely Sharina interview 8pm Sydney time tonight!
link to listen live to 2UE from anywhere in the world : 


Oceancare Day ~ I will be exhibiting a selection of my works in sculpture and block print as well as having artworks for sale. This year's selection for the Warringah Art Prize finalist piece is on display, on loan it has already sold. There will be talisman jewellery available and I have a few Australian Wildflower Reading Cards sets. I will be painting in person too, which I really adore doing! So come and have a chat. 
I have a few artworks from upcoming decks with me, if you ask I'll happily share with you. BUT IT'S NOT JUST ME! There are another 14 Environmental Artists who have been asked to be a part of this important day. Weather not an issue, we are in a huge marquee.

2UE interview with Sharina Star ~ really looking forward to this live interview at 8pm Sydney time. You can listen online from anywhere. We shall chatting about Traditional Flower Reading. It's a great show, running until midnight and Sharina shares her Readings with listeners, forecasts for the week ahead and other guests. 

Have a great day my friends and may nature always bless you! xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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