November ~ Festivals, Nature Talks & Sharing Flowers!

I have been a bad blogger this past couple of months I KNOW! 
If I had to make a Resolution for New Year's it would be to not be so neglectful of my blog as I do love it ever so much. I dont like resolutions for New Year's BUT I do see the value of commitment. 
So it shall be, but I will start.... NOW :) 

I have been incredibly busy with publishing deadlines, article deadlines and just life in general. I probably did say yes to a few more other things than I can physically handle alone but it is very hard to  turn away really worthwhile long term things I've been connected with in the past and opportunities to join friends in adventures and events. 

Personally ~ I'm slowly losing weight and November saw 5kg gone! I'm staying on track with my long distance walking and eating clean and healthy. It's hard when traveling but I've given up my chocolate booster grab habit. If it was going to break, then I would of said Melbourne could of been the time, but I was fine. 

SO!......Last month was amazing!
My very first Mind Body Spirit Festival Seminars in Sydney and Melbourne and a chat in my hometown Library as well and the finishing off with a signing and Flower Sharing event with fellow artist and author Sofan Chan at my local Dymocks. 

It was brilliant having full rooms and such engaged people. Melbourne blew me away with the interest for my work and welcome! THANK YOU! It's a little scary venturing away from the place you call home with your work. 

What a fascinating night and back in the place I grew up. I went to school at Orange Grove Primary, lived in the area and went to High School at Fort Street High. It was actually the waterways and urban bushland pockets of this area tat my love of flowers was seeded. So a very special night for me. 

Balmain Library

In Sydney I shared a general chat about Traditional Flower Reading in one of the Seminar Rooms. I had spots on Thursday and Saturday and on Sunday a really fun lively spot in the Speakers Cafe. 

Sydney ~ meeting my friend Laura Bowen for the very first time in person!

Flying into Melbourne for a whirlwind visit. I arrived Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon and what a welcome and how lovely it all was. I was blessed with a lunchtime Seminar Room both days and I shared a chat on combining Traditional Flower Reading with Healing Modalities.

I adored being part of the Rockpool Team for this amazing event and it really was such a blessed time. Meeting many friends in person for the first time and making new ones. 

Melbourne ~ The amazing Rockpool Team that make magick possible!

I spent a wonderful afternoon at my local Dymocks signing copies of the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards and sharing space with Sofan Chan, the talented and dedicated author and artist of the Buddhism Reading Cards. 



Oceancare Day Festival! I've been invited to exhibit in the Environmental Artist Tent. 

Early Next Year 
The beginning of the year sees me visiting Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival and also hosting a full day workshop in Sydney at the Botanic Garden. I look forward to meeting you at these events. The Gardens is such a special day to me and I can not wait to share that day with those than want to join me. 



Flower Reading & Creating Your Nature Journal Day Retreat, Royal Botanic Garden

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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