Meet Daisy & Xan

I have loved sharing Flora with you all recently.
I have drawn her for such a long time. She is my little Nature friend who just seems to be always there  and it was only through a sad moment that I shared her on-line. She sort of blossomed out into the wider world when things were at a low point.

The response has been not what I expected or was even looking for. She was there because she made me feel a little brighter about a situation, little could of I realised how she connected with so many other people. 

Your emails and messages have really been so inspiring to me and so I have shared a little more of her world as the weeks have gone by. I find it very beautiful that my journals and sketchbook have been the garden bed of something organically created for no real 'purpose' but have actually become such a lovely healing and uplifting work for others too. 


Each time I open my computer, there are more notes from you with stories of how Flora has changed your day or connected in some way with you and it makes me smile so warmly and I am very blessed to share those moments with you too! 

I was asked this week TWICE if Flora had a dog. I guess this is because I have two gorgeous dogs! 
well yes she does! Flora has lots of friends that I will be sharing with you over the next few months but first ~ 


Daisy & Xanthorrhoea 

Daisy is a very sweet, loyal and lovely friend. She is indeed a Boxer Dog and of course she is a resuce! Very misunderstood breed and unfortunately her kind has a very high 'dump' rate. Boxers are the most adorable puppies but people just don't understand the huge commitment their nature entails. Flora invited Daisy to come live with her in the Florasphere gardens. Daisy loves sunny garden spots, long walks. helping out in the garden and cuddles. 

Xanthorrhoea is a cat and were he came from no ones really knows. He just sort of turned up in Flora's garden one day and no matter how hard she's tried, she can't find out where he's from. He is a tad cheeky, very smart and likes to be called Xan (pronounced Zan). It's a little hard to work out exactly what Xan likes, he doesn't share much but he seems to like catnip, chasing dandelion seeds and telling everyone else what to do. 

Flora pets

May Nature Always Bless you!! xx 

PS you can find Flora at the following places:


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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