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just be with nature

Some mornings I do wake up and feel flat, tired and I wonder where the flowers are. 
I am deeply dedicated and passion filled with the growing knowledge and love I have for Nature and particularly Flowers. 
I am also human, living a very human life and so I am not immune to feeling disconnected at times.
What I do know is true is that Nature does heal. It does empower and it does illuminate insight. But I also know Flowers, Trees and Plants are not going to march up to me, nor are they going to somehow give instant knowledge and 'make me' feel better or magically improve things for me. Not me, not anyone. 
I need to get up, go out and just be. I need to connect, study, relearn, to honour. I need to understand and develop this relationship and I need to care for it.
It's a new step everyday and it's a constantly weaving path on a direction set with honest dedication. 
I wish you a little time today to just be ~ find a growing flower, a turning leaf, a tree and just be. Don't ask for answers or demand new insight, just listen and be.