Flower Reading Certification Course with Cheralyn Darcey ~ Online

Traditional Flower Reading has always enabled me to connect easily and deeply with Nature. 
For me, it began with a bit more than a deep interest, it was a Passion for Plants, particularly Flowers and this lead to a lifetime of study of Botany, of Gardening of Cultural Practice, of Mystic Usage, of the Language of Nature and of course Herbal Lore. 


It is an ancient practice that everyone just naturally practiced in life. People knew what flowered when, what to expect of the changing seasons, how to understand their place in the world, the warnings, the affirmations and the guidance that a deep connection with Nature secured for them. 

While teaching Traditional Flower Reading, I have watched students bloom as these connections reignite within them. I really do not teach anything new or difficult at all. What I do is show the pathways back to what you already know, through the sharing of my extensive collected knowledge, through empowering yet simple nature based exercises, through the free availability of an in person and on line community of like minded souls, Traditional Flower Readers like you. 


I offer an extensive course on line in Traditional Flower Reading which has proved incredibly popular and id available at any time to new students. Once you join, you are invited to connect to our on line private on line group, which is home to other students as well as Certified Traditional Flower Readers. Assistance and friendship is always close at hand as well as our weekly chat sessions.

The Course features videos, a huge amount of resources in the form of down-loadable notes, audios and worksheets. You can share and discuss the content with me and the other members of our Flower Reading Community at any time in our forum too, so you are never alone. I am also always happy to assist you privately as you make your way to Certification.

Traditional Flower Reading On line Certification is designed as an 8 week course but you have access to the entire course as soon as you join and you can take what ever time you wish to complete. Some of you may have a short block of time and some experience with similar modalities already so you may complete the course in shorter time, others may take longer due and you may in fact take as long as you like.

You may access all of the materials for the full course as soon as you book and always have access to it. You do not have to be on line at 'special times' You can see and you can download the notes, worksheets and audios and photos to your computer and you can access the videos from any connection. Access to the forum is open to you always at any time as well. 

I call the practice the I have developed from my 30 year connection with Traditional Flower Reading, Florasphere. Really I have done this so people can easily find and connect to my work, to the community that has grown up organically around it and for there to be some sort of definition. This word to me simply means the world of plants. I have a website www.florasphere.com and here I have been busy recently developing a resource for other interested in sharing and continuing in connecting a little deeper with Nature, particularly Flowers. 


​Florasphere Traditional Flower Reading
with Cheralyn Darcey 

on-line course


Tuition Fee: $130
no extra costs ever and there are no additional materials required
*you do not need any of my publications to do this course 

An eight week on-line course discovering and learning the
ancient, traditional art of Flower Reading
This course, suitable for the complete beginner through to those with deeper understanding
 will result in Certification for those wishing to undertake an on-line exam.
Easily combines with other practices including complementary health modalities such as aromatherapy, flower essence work, life coaching and so on. Can be blended exceptionally well with other divination and life work modalities such as astrology, tarot, oracle cards etc. 

If you wish to book, you can do so at this BOOKING PAGE LINK ~ 
Florasphere Traditional Flower Reading Booking Page Link

 Examination may sound a little daunting to some but it is necessary to ensure the purity of the work and the dedication I really need to see after sharing my life's work with you. 

It is simply forwarding to me, in written form, three full Traditional Flower Readings with your reflections after completion of the course. After this, I will send you a Certificate and if you wish, list you on our new Florasphere Traditional Flower Readers page. You may stay in the forum and we really love you too because the journey of your Flower Reading, whether professional of personal is of great interest to us all and remains a place for you to grow, ask questions and develop further. 

You also have access to any new materials and updates to the course for life. 

I would love you to join us whether it's for personal interest and a way of reconnecting with Nature or to begin Reading Flower professionally for others. 

What is Flower Reading?

 Traditional Flower Reading is simply interpreting the Language of Nature as spoken through Plants. We are all made of energy, as are plants. We connect with each other and our environments in various ways. By understanding and interpreting the patterns, the cycles and the relationships between plants, ourselves and the environment we can find the messages, guidance, healing notes and most importantly, reconnect with Nature to live whole lives. A Flower or Flora Reading looks at what is already there, it does not put our modern interpretations on it, rather it reconnects us with Nature.

 Where Did it Come From?
 Flower Reading is nothing new, it is as old as the human race. People have read the powerful messages in flowers and connected with them to bring joy, healing, guidance and to understand what was happening around them. It is no secret that we have become disconnected with Nature. We put our modern take on everything. We smother out the pure heart of what is already here as we manipulate, twist and use nature in ways that will give us the quickest, fastest and most gratifying answers. In this, most of us have lost one of our senses, the ability to Read Flora, to truly understand Nature and live with it.

Can't You Just Use Essence Meanings to Get Flora Reading Meanings? 
While I very much enjoy using Flower Essences created by others they are only part of a very large picture. Essences as usually created to balance emotions and to bring about a change within a person. The 'meanings' that you will find written out in books and on websites will be focused on healing someone. This information is valuable and very relevant but it is only a part of the picture. Flora Reading involves a multi faceted understanding of the messages and the conversations that are constantly going on in the here and now.An Essence is a healing tool, a Flora Reading is an interactive, personal guidance modality. More than a modality, it is learning to live within Nature! 

I had a Flower Reading that gave me a message from a Spirit. The person said they didn't need to know much about the Particular Flower at all. They held/looked at the flower and gave me the answers.
This is not traditional flower reading. This is Psycometry, the method of reading an object with psychic abilities to gain a divination reading.  It is still relevant and a modality that I use, in part as well at times. Someone who reads via Psycometry alone is reading the vibrational energy patterns  between you and this single flower and tuning in to any spirit energy surrounding you.
Traditional Flower Reading, traditionally also called Floromancy or Floramancy, involves reading with some Psycometry but the foundation is on Nature First and your place in it right now. In a Flora Reading there is a lot more conversation going on between you and the Flora Reader as you explore and discover your connections for guidance, healing and balance as well as importantly reconnection to what is going on around you. A Psycometry Reading will give an answer, a Flora Reading will illuminate the answers and teach you how to work with what is found.

 ​Can You Use Pictures of Flowers and Plants to Read?
Yes you most definitely can. I would say though that it can be a little harder for the beginner to tune into the energetic patterns and language of plants this way without some guidance from the person who created the image (the photographer/artist via a guidebook or teachings) or through personal physical connection with the plant in the past.Using Flower reading Cards is a great way to connect with imagery and the energy of flowers as the person who has created the deck would of used flowers they have found in person to create he deck so these would have very strong connections for you.

 Can You Use Flowers in Spells & Blessings?
You already do! Giving people flowers on occasions is a blessing! People have been creating Flower Spells since time began. There is evidence in ancient caves of what seems to be altars with arrangements of dedications before cave paintings. A Spell, a Blessing is a magickal way of focusing on your intentions to create change. When working with Plants and Flowers in Spellcasting, you need to have a good understanding of Magickal Correspondences and the energetic qualities of the Flora that you wish to use.

I want to Learn to be a Flower Reader, how do I do that? 
You already know how to read Flowers and Flora, you have just forgotten. Perhaps, like me, you may of noticed the messages and felt a stronger understanding as a child and have been drawn ever since to Flowers and Plants. Maybe you have just felt a recent longing to connect. About 30 years ago I wanted to dedicate myself to really understanding and studying Flower Reading. I began researching, creating artworks, travelling and learning, always learning. 

I have more questions! I want to interact with others who love Flower Reading too!
​Hop on over to my Facebook Page FLORASPHERE www.facebook.com/florasphere

You can also email me at: cheralyndarcey@gmail.com

2015 sees the start of the Florasphere newsletter which will be a monthly newsletter full of 
ideas, tips and offers for Flower Readers. Anyone can join, you do not need to be a current student. 

You can join here: 
Florasphere Newsletter Link 

A Few Nice Words ~ 

 "Cheralyn is devoted to flowers, 
is a messenger of deep knowledge, discipline and a wild initiate...... 
because of her precious work and her 
rare talent and connection,
​ we need never be
without flowers again."  Lucy Cavendish

Recent Students of Florasphere Traditional Flower Reading Online Course ~ 
"I was really impressed and excited to see just how much content was available through the classroom, and we are only up to week three. the course covers everything from the basic botanical understanding of how to recognise various flowers to a very deep instructions on how to form a relationship with flowers building up information on how to connect, identify, understand, describe and read the flowers appearance and associations......" 

"Still doing bits of all lessons and working at my own pace. I still can't believe how much you are sharing with us. This has to be one of the best courses I have ever done!" 

"Cheralyn, just wanting you to know what a wonderful course this was!..... I would easily recommend your on-line course to anyone who is interested in studying flower readings...."
S Arathi

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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