Flora's Wonderful Wishing Tea

Good Morning!  
I hope your day is going to be rather wonderful and here is a Wishing Tea that you can create to bring a little extra boost to you or someone you know. Thank you bunches for all the messages asking for MORE of my Flower friend (I think she's called FLORA!) Next year, I'll be sharing a bit more of her but i am very over deadline with a few things right now so I need to clear the decks first. 
It really does make my heart happy to see her bringing joy to others. 
May Nature Bless you with all that you seek & need my friends! xx 

Wishing tea

*ensure you only use food grade ingredients & that you are allergy responsible and aware.

*Sharing my journal pages and even printing them out is ok BUT you must not alter them or use them in any other way except for personal enjoyment. NO commercial use. They are protected under copyright. 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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