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Australian Holiday Flowers for balance, healing and joy!

I work with flowers and plants from the world over but I am Australian and the first published work of mine is focused on Australian Wildflowers -

BoxCoverRecently I have been  giving presentations, workshops and interviews about life's work with Nature, my writing and art surounding the environment and because we are nearing the holiday period, I am often asked which are the more uniquly Australian flowers that we can connect with at this time.

No matter what your beliefs or traditions, this time of the year that marks ends and beginnings, seasonal changes, family and friend festivities and the giving of gifts and moments of celebration, is a very joyfully uplifting but also challenging time for us all.

We are tested on all planes of our existence: emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually, so it is of little wonder that we love to fill our homes with greenery for earthy coolness and calm, red & golden and silvery flowers for strength and to attract abundance. We do this subconsciously through connection with tradition but also because we inherently know and are attracted to what we need in nature.

Unfortunately in our busy lives we often become disconnected and so the messages of nature get drowned out. In order for us to connect, we need more and more additives to feel and experience the message. To even know Nature. More glitter, more tinsel, bigger Christmas Trees, redder flowers, brighter lights and yet more glitter. Our lives are so noisy, busy and big that we just don't see what is already here. We fill it with more to drown out everything else so that we may feel we count, are heard, become a part of everything. 

Try to take a step back and experience what the season has brought you, wherever you find yourself. what is flowering? What is changing? Look for Nature Glitter! 

Remember that when harvesting flowers and plants to bring into your home, not to destroy the plant that is providing you with what you require. Only take what you need and do not over trim. It is best to try and grow your own plants so that they provide you with your Nature Glitter. Let them grow with you, care for them and in return they will show you so much more than just their prettiness. By observing when they flower, how they grow and change, you will notice so much more about you and your connection with Nature will deepen. 

I often advise that Christmas/ Midsummer flowering plants are wonderful starters to gardeners who wish to create a more spiritual space and garden. This is usually such a hectic time and the flowers, the  little voices of Nature, making their various appearances over this time will provide insight, balance and deep connections. 

This is from my little NSW Christmas Bush ~ 

Christmas bush2

I planted this right at the front of our current home because I knew that in the comings and goings over this time, her beautful stars would remind us all of what was important at this time. She is there to catch our eyes and our hearts and gently pull us all back to what really is important at this time. 
It is such a joy to watch her flowering, to notice when and how and to observe her shifting rosy hues on summer evenings spent under the gum tree next to her. 

Perhaps you would like to invite an Australian Native Flower that is natural to your area into your garden this year as well. These are locals which are traditionally connected with time of the year. They flower in December, they are have within them the energies of the season of celebration, of the coming together of friends and family, of new beginnings and most importantly of hope. 

New South Wales & Canberra 

Christmas Bush ~ Ceratopetalum gummiferum
Photo: © M Fagg ANBG collection, A 2799

Christmas Bells ~ Blandfordia grandiflora
Photo: Ron Hotchkiss © ANBG, A 5442

Christmas Bells ~ Blandfordia nobilis


Christmas Bush ~ Prostanthera lasianthos
Photo: © M Fagg private

South Australia and Tasmania 

Christmas Bush ~ bursaria-spinosa

Photo: © M Fagg private

Queensland & Northern Territory 

Christmas Orchid ~ Calanthe triplicata
Photo: M Fagg © ANBG, O 394

Western Australia 

Christmas Tree ~ Nuytsia floribunda
Photo: F Humphreys © ANBG, A 8940, A 8942

Look to what is already here and connect and may Nature always bless you with all that you seek and all that you need my friends. 
Cheralyn xx